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Feedthroughs are needed to allow the power created from your power supply to enter your vacuum environment and to heat your evaporation source. Your power supply is located in a normal atmospheric condition and generates high current output which is needed to heat your evaporation source to begin your evaporation process. The feedthrough allows the power to be connected to your power supply cables and provides an insulated transfer of the power into your vacuum environment and to your evaporation sources without compromising the integrity of your vacuum.

The R. D. Mathis Company offers High Vacuum feedthroughs capable of handling 400 amps maximum and 1,000 amps maximum (water cooled). All of our feedthroughs are made with the highest quality materials and processes to insure the continued success of your process.

We also provide the power supply, cables, lugs, electrodes and evaporation sources and materials to complete your power delivery system and evaporation process.