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Technical Library

The RD Mathis Company offers several technical papers that relate to various aspects of the thin film coating process and the Thermal Evaporation Method of depositing materials in vacuum. These papers are available to you upon your request and may offer valuable insight into a specific thin film coating questions that you might have.

Listed below are the publications, along with a brief description, that we would be happy to send to you upon your request. Click the linked documents below for a PDF version.

Vacuum Evaporation Sources Catalog
Vacuum Evaporation Sources Catalog
Thin Film Evaporation Source Reference Guide
Thin Film Evaporation Materials Source Reference Guide
Silicon Monoxide Evaporation with the Multi-Baffled Box Source
The Purification of Inert Gases
Low Voltage, High Current AC Power Supplies
Vacuum Evaporation Power Requirement Table
Vacuum Evaporation Power Requirement Table
Silicon Monoxide - Properties and Evaporation Techniques
Evaporation Source Selection Guide
Inert Gas Purifer - "GP100"
Evaporation of Metals from a Covered Boat Source
Evaporation with the Single Grain Box Source
Cool Lip Crucible Flyer