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3 Common Types of Evaporation Sources

Evaporation sources are components used in the process of physical vapor deposition (PVD), a technique used to deposit thin films of material onto a substrate.

Here’s an overview of three commonly used sources: 

1. Alumina Coated Evaporation Sources

Alumina-coated sources were created to replace alumina crucibles for certain applications. The alumina coating provides several benefits to the evacuation source— it offers a protective layer that helps to prevent the crucible material from reacting with the material being deposited. 

It also provides good thermal insulation properties, which help to maintain a stable temperature in the crucible during the deposition process, along with a smooth surface which helps to promote uniform deposition of the material being deposited.

2. Tungsten Evaporation Baskets 

Tungsten evaporation baskets consist of a basket-shaped container made of tungsten wire, which is heated to a high temperature using a resistive heating element. Tungsten is an ideal material for evaporation baskets because it has a high melting point (3422°C), a low vapor pressure and is relatively inert in a vacuum environment.

The basket shape of the tungsten evaporation source allows for the material to be evenly distributed and evaporated, which helps to ensure a uniform deposition onto the substrate.

3. Point Source Filaments 

Point source filaments evaporate the material from a small point on the filament, resulting in a highly directional vapor flow that can be used to deposit material in a precise and controlled manner. This is particularly useful for applications where a high degree of accuracy is required, such as the production of microelectronic devices or optical components.

Overall, point source filaments are a useful tool for vacuum deposition processes that require a high degree of precision and control. They are commonly used in the production of a wide range of products, including semiconductors, optical coatings and thin films for scientific research.

RD Mathis’ Evaporation Sources 

RD Mathis Company specializes in the design, manufacturing and distribution of high-quality vacuum components and thin film deposition equipment. We also provide custom design and manufacturing services to meet specific customer requirements, along with technical support and consulting services to help customers optimize their vacuum processes and achieve their goals. 

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